Are you Negative or Positive?

I feel like we’ve heard the saying above way too much lately, especially when referring to COVID-19. Are you negative or positive? I am not talking about the awful virus though, I am talking about your outlook on life. Are you one to see the bad in every situation, or do you prefer to look on the bright side? If you’re unsure, go back through your text messages or think back on recent conversations you’ve had with family or friends. Or better yet, take a look at your posts on social media. Are you lifting people up? Were the things you spoke, posted or shared mostly encouraging and positive or did you complain and speak negatively. I’m very guilty of being negative at times. This is one of my downfalls that I’m working on in my personal development. When we’re negative all the time we tend to bring down those around us. Which in turn makes others not want to be near us. Romans 15:5 (NIV)May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had. We were not made to bring people down. Especially if you’re a Christian. We were made and called to lift others in encouragement. Our world is so broken right now, people are arguing and disagreeing over the littlest things. What if instead of picking arguments with each other, we give compliments instead. Even something as small as ” I like your hair,” or ” Your shirt is really pretty,” can turn someones bad day around. The next time you want to post or share something on social media that you know will make others angry, simply refrain. Even if it’s bashing your opposing political party. Let’s start changing the world by changing our hearts and encouraging humankind. Thanks for reading, and by the way, you’re looking really good today!

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