Time. We all crave more of it. Sometimes I lay in bed at night wondering where the day went, going over happenings that occurred, trying to figure out if there’s anything I could have done better. Was there any situation I should have handled differently? Did I give my husband and kids my best self? Did I treat my co-workers and friends with kindness? Did I waste any of my precious time? Usually the answer to at least one (ok maybe more than one) of these questions makes me feel a little guilty. Being intentional with my time is something that I’m working on in my personal development. Time is a fragile thing. The time we spend with those around us is even more fragile. Especially now in the midst of this pandemic and terrorism that’s taking place. We don’t know if the last conversation we have will be our very last, or if the last time we hug our kids will be the very last. We too often hear loved ones of those deceased say “if only I had spent more time with him/her.” Let’s do better. Let’s start being more intentional with the minutes in our days. Let’s put down our phones, turn off our t.v’s and talk to those around us. I’m guilty of all of the above too, but think about it… can you imagine the wonderful conversations that will take place and the amazing bonds that will forge? Especially with our kids! Ideas will blossom and our worlds will change. Let’s set aside our distractions and really love each other, by giving away our most precious possession, our time.

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