20 years ago. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. I bet you can remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when the terrorists in those planes wrecked havoc on those buildings and in our hearts. The world stood still that day. We as Americans came together stronger than we had been anytime in recent history. Suddenly the little issues that had our nation divided didn’t really matter much anymore. We comforted and consoled the grieving regardless of their political beliefs and race. Those who were able to, helped with rescue efforts. We treated our fellow Americans with kindness. We were united.

Fast forward 20 years to present day. Our world is once again in chaos. Divided over masks and vaccines and any other thing we can divide ourselves about. Arguing on social media; thinking that what we say will actually change someone’s mind. Always looking for someone to blame for the troubles America is having. So quick to point fingers. When in reality, we need to turn those fingers around and point them at ourselves. We can disagree with each other and still be kind and respectful. We may not be able to rid the Earth of this awful virus or force someone to change their views. But we can be kind. We can spread love. We can stop arguing and start praying. We can still be the hands and feet of Jesus. We can still be united.

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