“How to get your crush to like you” was not something we were expecting to find on our 10 year old’s recent google search history. Yet there it was. My first feeling after reading this was complete shock. As a parent you dread the day when your kids start crushing on someone. Then the most obvious answer to her question popped into my thoughts: ” just be you.” I started reminiscing about my past crushes and friendships and realized that I spent a lot of my life trying to be someone that I wasn’t just to fit in, or get someone to like me. I had no idea who I was. Fast forward to now, I know my identity is found in Christ.

As humans, our mindset should be simple: love others as we love ourselves. But first, we have to love ourselves. Which means, we have to forgive ourselves for past mistakes. We have to let go of the people we were trying to be and let God show us the people that we are. We have to know our worth. Our worth is not found in the reflection we see in the mirror, the number on the scale or the inches around our waist. It’s not found in the amount of followers we have or the number of likes our selfies accumulate. We shouldn’t find it in other peoples perceptions or thoughts about us or even the number of friends that we have. It’s definitely not found in the negative comments and taunts that we receive. Our worth can’t be determined by the moments we feel left out and rejected or the way people treat us. It’s also not found in the amount of money that we make or the jobs that we have or the clothes that we wear. Our worth is not found in situations where we’ve been left feeling neglected and unloved by those who brought us into this world. Our worth is found in Jesus, who will never neglect us. Our worth is found in the unconditional love that He has for each and every one of us. It is a love like no other, regardless of our past mistakes or even the mistakes that we still make daily. He created each of us to be someone special. We shouldn’t change who we are to appease others or try to fit in or be liked. Know your worth, let your light shine, and be confident in who you are.

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