Need a Friend?

I often wonder how Jesus does it. How does He love so many people at one time? He is literally a friend to everyone. How?! Regardless of the fact that some of those people curse His name and live their lives according to their purpose and not His, He still loves them and considers them friends. Even when they only turn to Him when they’re hurt or confused, He drops everything and goes running.

I think about my friendships, I don’t have tons. I have several close ones. What traits does a good friend possess? They listen, they’re honest but kind. They give you good advice, spend time with you and most importantly, they point you to our Heavenly Father. Jesus possess all of those traits and more. When I think of the wonderful friend that Jesus is, it makes me realize that I have a lot of work to do, we all do. We have to lift our friends up. We must inspire each other to be better human beings and seek Jesus in all that we do. Lets model living our lives with integrity and motivate our friends to do the same. Friendship can’t be one sided. We can’t just run to our friends when something is wrong or when we feel the need to vent. We have to run to them to encourage them as well. To compliment them, or just to ask how they’re doing. Let’s be listening ears when they need someone to talk to. Let’s be praying friends because everyone needs prayer. Our relationship with Jesus shouldn’t be one sided either. Our prayers shouldn’t solely focus on things that we want or need. We should listen to Jesus, He wants to talk to us too. He is our best friend.

So lets go out there and be wonderful friends to everyone. Lets be inspiring and encouraging, let’s do our best to love like Jesus.

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