Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

There was a time in my life when I would make decisions based solely on what I wanted. Now that I have a strong relationship with Jesus, I go to Him first and pray for guidance and wisdom when deciding on what I should do. I don’t want it if He’s not in it. He’s the author and creator of my life and I personally don’t want to change the story that He is writing. Sometimes He clears the way and the right choice is obvious. And sometimes He doesn’t. I like to think that in these situations He’s asking me to pick the path I take and telling me that He will be there making sure I succeed. As long as I put in the work of course. But what if He does clear the path and I know which way to go, but the path He chose makes no logical sense? What do I do then? This is where faith comes in. Pure, trusting, undoubting faith. The kind of faith that Daniel had in the lions den. Sometimes He’s going to ask us to step out on a limb with Him. We’ll have no idea if that limb will break or not, but He does. My family and I are seeking God and His wisdom at this very moment, trying to make some decisions that will affect our whole family. What choices are you faced with today? Whatever they are, make sure you turn to the Father first. He has it all planned out. Trust Him.

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