Who’s Calling Shotgun?

Happy Monday! I hope and pray that you all are having a great week so far. I wanted to share an exchange between my kids that really got me to thinking. A few days ago, while eating breakfast, my 10 year daughter old and 5 year old son started arguing as they sometimes do. My daughter, Sierra, made the comment that when she is older she is moving far away from my son, Sawyer. Sawyer then replied ” No you’re not, I am going to sneak into your car and be with you forever and ever!’ My daughter wasn’t thrilled with his response but it sure made me laugh! It also reminded me of some of our relationships with Jesus. You see, Jesus wants shotgun but we fill the front seat with distractions and things of this world that we prioritize over Him. So He has to be like Sawyer and sneak in the back just to be close to you. When we put Him first, above all else He gets to sit right next to us and help us navigate. But when He’s forced to sneak into the back, He becomes a backseat driver and we all know how that turns out! Starting today, make Him your number one priority. Read His word every day. Pray everyday. Be kind to others every day. It’s true you know, when you draw closer to Him, He draws closer to you.

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