Cringeworthy Memories

Well it’s been a minute since I’ve had the chance to sit down and write. I went part-time at work so I was thinking that I would have more time to do this, however things just got a bit busier. But here I am! I hope you all are having a wonderful 2022 so far. One morning last week, as I was in the middle of my morning routine, getting the kids breakfast ready, packing snacks, etc. my brain took me back in time to memories that I am not particularly proud of. Things that I said or did in the past started popping up in my head. Grudges that I held onto for way too long, hurtful things that I did to people close to me, the list goes on. I had no idea at the time what triggered it, but there they were, moment after moment, saying we’re still here! Don’t forget about us. You know the memories I’m speaking of, they’re the same kind of cringeworthy Facebook statuses that keep coming up on my Timehop from 12 years ago. The type of things that make me wonder what in the actual heck was I thinking. The truth is, those memories pop in our heads for a reason. They’re meant to throw us off track and forget all of the good that we have going on. It’s in those moments that we have to pump the brakes and remember how far we have come in our journey and how hard we have worked in becoming the better versions we are today. If we spend the rest of our lives dwelling in the past we are not living out the callings God has placed on our lives for this very day, this very moment even. We are depriving ourselves of the joy that each day brings by letting those thoughts seep in and linger. Let the past stay in the past, where it belongs. If Jesus can forgive us, then we can forgive ourselves.

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