Sinner, Sinner, No Chicken Dinner

The Sin Cycle. No, it’s not a setting on your washing machine. It is a setting in our lives from time to time though. It happens when we stray away from Jesus and get stuck in a swirly pool of up to no good. We knew God’s plan before we got sucked in, but we chose to do our own thing, anyway. It gets to the point that we can’t take anymore and God, being the rescuer and redeemer that He is, swoops in and saves the day. But not without us learning some lessons. We then repent and thank God for His love and grace. We receive forgiveness and for a while everything is dandy. We’re reading our Bibles and praying like we should, we’re living in purpose and helping others when we can. Then Satan comes along in the form of something shiny and we decide that “hey, maybe the grass is greener over there” and against our better judgement we fall once more into the pool of sin.

It happens to all of us, whether we want to admit it or not. The sins that suck us in are unique to everyone. You know, those temptations that you try to so hard to resist, the addictions that you won’t call an addiction, but in actuality that’s what it is. The things that pull us away from talking to Jesus and reading our Bibles. Distractions-scrolling, binge watching Netflix, gaming, you get the picture. You know what though, we have the power to break free. That power lies within us because Jesus gave His life on that cross to save us, from ourselves. We have the power to wake up every morning and talk to God before we step foot out of our bed. We have the power to continually speak to Him throughout the day. To ask Him to help us when we feel we’re being sucked in again. We have the power to read our Bibles, which in turn will keep us in tune with His word. We have the power to kneel beside our beds at night and pray, pray, pray for His guidance, wisdom and help. He can break the cycle folks. But you have to let Him in.

The Bible study that goes along with The Chosen series, does a wonderful job of illustrating the Sin Cycle right from the beginning. Please, please, please start the series, you won’t regret it! Until next time, “don’t let those praying knees get lazy,”(wise words from Lee Brice.)

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