Endless nights, endless crying, endless cooking, endless cleaning. It’s all endless, right? You get the dishes washed just to come back 5 minutes later to see the sink full again. The clothes are washed, folded and put away and you walk past the laundry hamper on your way to the next chore only to see it at max capacity once again. Motherhood is a full time job in itself. We’re taking care of the littles and the chores, all the while trying to be fit, and not lose ourselves in the depths of dry shampoo and black leggings. We act as detectives, always searching for missing socks, homework, and our sanity. We’re personal assistants always making sure that our kids go to all the doctors appointments, dental checkups, birthday parties, sports and extracurricular activities. And some of us do all of this on top of having jobs. Sometimes we can get lost in all the stress that motherhood entails. I know, it happens to me.

But what puts it all into perspective and keeps me pushing on is the little moments. The glee on my sons face when he sits down to eat breakfast and sees his plate full of his favorite foods. The joy in my daughters eyes when she’s telling me about a birthday party that I just picked her up from. When it’s 3am and I look down to see the bright blue eyes and smile on my 5 month olds face after she was just comforted and fed. When I have a sick kiddo and the only thing they want is to be held and comforted by me.

When I come to the realization that God gifted me this opportunity to be all the things to these little humans, it literally makes my heart burst with gratitude. Let this be a small reminder to soak in all the moments, because these kids, they won’t be little forever. Motherhood is hard, y’all. But us moms, we’re superheroes.

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