We all have those songs that bring back memories (good or bad,) as soon as we hear them. It happened to me in the drop-off line today at my son’s school. As soon as I heard Tasha Layton belt out “My heart is breaking in a way I never thought it could…” I was immediately transported back to September 2020. To a season of utter anguish. At that time, my heart really was breaking. I don’t want to delve into the whole story again, as I touched on it in my post titled “Faith.” But for all the new readers, I had gone through a loss. That loss happened to be a pregnancy, twins. I still can’t think about it or hear that song without tears. As I was listening to the lyrics this morning, Tasha asks “can you make something from the wreckage?” And that brought on even more waterworks, because He did y’all. Right now, as I am writing this post, my 5-month-old rainbow baby is staring at me with her bright blue eyes and the cutest little grin. While I do mourn the loss of twins, I would not have my sweet and spicy Saylor baby if they had not gone to heaven. My most favorite line in that song is “I can hear my father singing over me, it’s gonna be ok, it’s gonna be ok...” Honestly, at that time it did not feel like it was ever going to be ok. But repeating those lyrics brought on some solace. Taking it one day at a time and knowing that even though it hurt, bad, He was in control, and He was working all things out for good, helped comfort my aching heart.

I don’t know what heartbreak you’re going through right now, maybe a loss of a loved one, an end to a relationship, rejection, defeat, betrayal, or unfulfilled dreams. Honestly the list could go on and on. But know this, Jesus is with you, and it’s gonna be ok. It may take a few months, or a few years. That hurt may always be there, but it will be ok. He will make something from the wreckage, if you let Him. Don’t lose hope.

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